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The Weekly Review; Fourth of July; Festival Week

As the launch pit deepens, the work in Printer’s Alley is becoming both more complex and more interesting to observe.  Let’s review this week’s activity and look ahead to next week.

Maine D&B plans to blast late morning on...

Parking Update; Blast on Wednesday; Flying Excavators

Last week I promised to keep you up to date on the fate of those five Main Street parking spots that sit alongside Triangle Park.  Early Wednesday morning, Kubricky expects to cone off those spots in preparation for...

Forward Progress; Fudgsicles; Foodaroo

Blasting in Printer’s Alley continued through Thursday this week.  Our launch pit, that center point of the new downtown drainage system, now stands at a depth of 18 feet, on its way to an eventual depth of 38 feet.

Next week blasti...

Its Tuesday, Blast at 11:30; Printer’s Alley, Red All Over

Monday’s near-height-of-summer weather and minor mid-afternoon thunderstorm didn’t slow the steady progress of our construction project.

Hayward/Baker mobilized in, Maine D&B drilled charge holes for Tuesday’s bl...

Turning the Corner into Summer

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, arrives next Thursday.  Despite my wife’s misgivings about the event (“It’s all downhill from here”), that day is generally regarded as the official start to summer.

That means some of our favor...

Texting and Blasting; Updating the Week’s Game Plan

Recently a reader reached out with a question about the orange construction signs that now mark all the entry points into downtown.

Why are there signs that say, ‘TURN OFF 2-way radio and cell phone’?  I work in the Ma...

This Week, Next Week; Livening Up Merchants Row; Imagining New Public Spaces

The Week’s Recap

A fourth and fifth blast took place in Printer’s Alley as scheduled this week on Monday and Tuesday, completing the initial round of blasting.  The launch pit, that 40-foot-diam...

Construction Expands to Riverfront Park; Neighbors Together Invests in Middlebury

A fourth blast in Printer’s Alley took place as scheduled on Monday afternoon around 2 PM.  Traffic and pedestrians were held up longer than expected as the team worked through a last-minu...

More Blasting; Work Begins in Riverfront Park; What’s Neighbors Together Up To?

Hope everyone enjoyed the near-perfect early Summer weather this weekend.

This week gets underway with more blasting of ledge in Printer’s Alley on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a day or tw...

Second Blast Continues Progress; Third Blast Scheduled for Friday 11 AM

We’ve now got two blasts under our belt.

Thursday’s 1:30 detonation continued the step-at-a-time process of removing bedrock in Printer’s Alley to create a new drainage system for central downtown an...

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