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Temporary Bridges Update #10

Main Street Waterline Shutoff

Water service on the north (Post Office) side of Main Street between the Battell Bridge and the Post Office will be temporarily shut off on Thursday, June 15, starting about 2 PM. Water will be shut off for the remainder of the working day on Thursday. The following buildings and business will be affected: the Post Office, the National Bank of Middlebury, St. Stephen’s, IPJ Real Estate, Vermont Book Shop, Main Street Stationery, Sweet Cecily, Danforth, and Wild Mountain Thyme.

Tuesday Wrap-Up

Nicholson completed work on the minipiles in the westbound lane of Main Street in the morning and then shifted its drilling work to the eastbound lane (Battell Block side) of Merchants Row.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, the shift of drilling to the narrower roadway of Merchants Row means that only one lane of traffic will be maintained on Merchants Row for the remainder of the week. That one lane is located on the Village Green side of Merchants Row. Traffic will flow one-way only eastbound (up the hill toward the monument). Barricades are up at the top of Merchants Row. Motorists should not drive around the barricades and turn down Merchants Row from either Court Square or South Pleasant Street. Access to the Battell parking lot will remain open.

On Main Street, orange snow fencing was installed to reinforce that the sidewalk Printers Alley to the P.O. is closed to pedestrians and will remain closed until the waterline is fully relocated next week. To access the Post Office from the north side of Main Street, cross Main Street and walk up past St. Stephen’s to the crosswalk to the Post Office. Printers Alley will also remain closed to both pedestrians and vehicles during this period.

Safety Alert. Today I noticed several people walking around barricades and into the construction zone. Please, for your own safety, do not enter any construction zone and stick to the well-marked sidewalk detours.

What’s on Tap Wednesday: Main Street

Middlebury’s Champlain Construction will begin prep work for relocating the Main Street waterline. The initial work will take place in the street in front of Printer’s Alley and the National Bank of Middlebury.

Parking on Main Street. There are now 13 spaces open for parking on Main Street: 3 in front of the Community House, 4 just east of the crosswalk connecting the Village Green to the Post Office, 3 in front of Triangle Park, 2 in front of the bank, and 1 handicap spot in front of the Post Office. As a courtesy to others, please treat these spaces as 30-minute parking only.

What’s on Tap Wednesday: Merchants Row

Nicholson will begin drilling the minipiles planned for the eastbound lane (Battell Block side) of Merchants Row. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the week. Merchants Row sidewalk remains open on both sides of the street and access to all businesses on Merchants Row, from Edgewater Gallery to The Diner, remains open.

Parking on Merchants Row. Parking in front of the Battell Block will be limited to the handicap spot at the intersection with Main Street and an additional 2-3 spaces. There is no parking in front of Triangle Park. Most parking between the Merchants Row Bridge and Court Square/South Pleasant Street should remain open so that customers can park to get to The Diner, Bourdon Insurance, and the businesses in the Battell Block.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll cover it in my next update.

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