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Temporary Bridges Update #15

Tuesday Wrap-Up

Nicholson loaded out its large drilling rig and some related equipment on Merchants Row as planned and Kubricky began clean-up of the construction area. Champlain Construction flushed out and chlorinated the new section of the Main Street waterline.

What’s on Tap Wednesday: Merchants Row. Nicholson will finish loading out its remaining equipment, including the large green compressor, on Wednesday and clean-up of Merchants Row will continue. Merchants Row traffic remains one-way eastbound (up the hill).

What’s on tap Wednesday: Main Street. Champlain Construction will pressure-test the new section of the Main Street waterline and then send a water sample to a State lab for testing. Two-way traffic remains in place on Main Street.

Getting Between the Marble Works and Main Street. Printers Alley remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians during the waterline project. If you need to get to Main Street from the Marble Works (or vice-versa), you will need to either cross the pedestrian bridge over Otter Creek and walk up Mill Street to Main Street or take Middle Seymour Street to Elm Street to Seymour Street and then onto Main Street. Neither of these routes is as convenient as Printers Alley and both involve a fair amount of walking (uphill in the case of Frog Hollow) so thank you for your patience.

Update: Sunday Parking on South Pleasant Street. Thanks to residents who asked about this, ACTR will be posting a sign notifying drivers that ACTR’s temporary location on South Pleasant Street is for Monday-Saturday service. That opens up parking in that space on Sunday for those attending Sunday Church service, having breakfast at The Diner, etc.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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