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2018 Update #9

Printer’s Alley Will Remain Open to Pedestrians

I want to reassure everyone that Printer’s Alley will remain open to pedestrians throughout the entire Bridge & Rail Project.

As reported on the front page of last Thursday’s Addison Independent, the VTrans project team presented the 2018 construction plan to the Selectboard on March 27. The article highlighted this quote from the presentation: “Construction will at times halt pedestrian flow through Printer’s Alley and thus to the Marble Works.”

I want to clarify that “at times” means potentially hours at a time rather than days at a time and only when deemed unsafe by Kubricky, the general contractor. Such as, for example, when heavy equipment is moved into the construction zone.

As you know, Printer’s Alley is the key connection point between Main Street and the Marble Works community. Maintaining walking access between Main Street and the Marble Works throughout the project is a key goal of the Town, one we lobbied hard for after seeing the impact on the Marble Works business community this past summer when the Alley was closed altogether for several days while the Main Street waterline was relocated.

A five-foot-wide pedestrian pathway in Printer's Alley connecting Main Street to the Marble Works will remain open throughout the Bridge & Rail Project

John Flowers has written an informative article on what’s planned for 2018 based on the presentation made last Tuesday to the Selectboard by VTrans, VHB, and Kubricky. You can view that presentation, which includes preliminary timelines for the work to come, at the following link:

That’s all for today. See you downtown.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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