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2018 Update #30

Its Tuesday, Blast at 11:30; Printer’s Alley, Red All Over

Monday’s near-height-of-summer weather and minor mid-afternoon thunderstorm didn’t slow the steady progress of our construction project.

Hayward/Baker mobilized in, Maine D&B drilled charge holes for Tuesday’s blast, and Kubricky worked toward completing the temporary access road in Riverfront Park.

Tuesday’s blast is scheduled to take place in late morning, around 11:30. The removal of bedrock in Printer’s Alley through blasting seems to be falling into a predictable routine downtown. The disruption is 10 minutes tops so don’t let it stop you from coming downtown!

Printer’s Alley Gets Splashy Treatment

This past Saturday our good friends from the Rotary Club of Middlebury did some mobilizing of their own and painted the Printer’s Alley pedestrian walkway red, using paint supplied by the ever-ready Neighbors Together community group.

Apart from sprucing up this main thoroughfare between Main Street and the Marble Works, the red paint is a reminder that Printer’s Alley is a pedestrian pathway and not a roadway.

Bicyclists are asked to dismount and walk your bike when riding up or down the Alley. I’ve seen a few close calls. Let’s keep each other safe.

Also this weekend, Middlebury’s Department of Public Works built and installed a good-looking frame to elevate the Marble Works sign funded by the Town that sits at the top of Printer’s Alley on Main Street. Now it can clearly be seen by all.

That’s all for today. See you downtown.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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