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2019 Update #43

A Short Update for a Short Week

The Highlights

  • One-lane traffic on Main Street comes to an end

  • All parking on Main Street restored

  • All construction stops Wednesday at noon

Downtown construction is winding down as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. Let’s briefly review Monday and Tuesday’s work and then look ahead to the first week of December.

Your Weekly Construction Update

Kubricky completed installing a new sewer line for the Post Office across Main Street on Monday and then on Tuesday paved the excavated area in the roadway as well as the affected sidewalk on either side of Main Street. A second area in front of Edgewater Gallery on Merchants Row, where new stormwater drainage was installed last week, was also paved.

By Tuesday afternoon, Main Street was again two-way traffic and all Main Street parking was restored.

This is temporary paving intended just to get us into next summer, when the sidewalks in central downtown on Merchants Row and Main Street will be rebuilt. The asphalt is uneven in places so please watch your step when getting out of your parked car and walking downtown.

Next week, Kubricky plans to complete one end of the Post Office sewer line run, extending it up through the park to a manhole at the top of the Town Green just across from Emma Willard Triangle.

While the original plan involved taking the majority of the parking on the St. Stephen’s side of Main Street for a day or two, Kubricky has revised its approach to the work to reduce the parking impact to one or two spaces in light of the weeks-long disruption of traffic and parking on Main Street and Merchants Row.

Kubricky also spent time this week building a lagging wall up along the Battell Block driveway, as shown in the photograph below.

Maine Drilling & Blasting spent Monday and Tuesday drilling in the rail corridor below St. Stephen’s. That work will continue next week except on Thursday between Noon and 1 PM, when St. Stephen’s will hold the first of three Advent concerts. The two remaining concerts will take place on Thursday, December 12, and Thursday, December 19, again between Noon and 1 PM.

All construction draws to a close at noon on Wednesday in preparation for the holiday.

And with that, the project team and I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

That’s all for today. See you downtown.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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