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Temporary Bridges Update #7

The Weekly Takeaway: Drilling on Main Street wraps up early this week as traffic lanes shift on Monday to the St. Stephen’s side of Main Street. Relocation of the Main Street waterline begins. Another test pit on Merchants Row. ACTR relocates to South Pleasant Street. Drilling moves to Merchants Row later in the week. Merchants Row becomes one-way eastbound during drilling.

Friday Wrap-Up

Nicholson, the drilling contractor, completed its work in the eastbound lane of Main Street.

With the arrival of Middlebury College’s Reunion Weekend and a noticeable increase in downtown traffic, Nicholson decided against trying to shift to the westbound lane and instead consolidated its equipment in place.

Kubricky completed a second test pit on Merchants Row in the ongoing effort to precisely define the location of the town’s waterline and sewer force main underneath the roadway.

What’s on Tap Monday: Main Street

Nicholson will shift its drilling work to the westbound lane (Post Office side) of Main Street. Motorists may want to consider Pulp Mill Bridge or Cross Street Bridge in the morning as the shift occurs.

The shift to the westbound lane means that two-way traffic on Main Street will now shift to the southbound (Village Green) side of the road. Traffic moving up Main Street toward the Congregational Church will travel in the parking spaces in front of Triangle Park and St. Stephen’s. Traffic moving down Main Street will travel roughly in the original centerline of the street.

Parking Alert. Additional parking will be lost in the parking spaces just beyond the crosswalk that connects the P.O. to the Village Green as eastbound traffic moves through the parking spaces in front of St. Stephen’s before being directed back to the normal travel lane. These spaces may remain unavailable during the week because of the relocation of the Main Street waterline. I’ll have more info on this on Tuesday.

What’s on Tap Monday: Merchants Row

ACTR will have relocated its downtown transit hub to the west side of South Pleasant Street in front of the former Cole’s Flowers.

Kubricky will continue its work to precisely locate the waterline underneath the roadway on Merchants Row with a third test pit. As I mentioned last week, the Town’s records of older infrastructure are incomplete so this detective work is necessary. Two-way traffic is expected to continue on Merchants Row with flaggers in place. Some parking will be lost on Merchants Row.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll cover it in my next update.

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