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Temporary Bridges Update #8

Monday Wrap-Up

Nicholson relocated its drilling equipment from the eastbound to the westbound lane of Main Street during the morning, and the travel lanes were moved as planned to the south (St. Stephen’s) side of Main Street. There was an interim period where only one lane of traffic was open. Thank you for your patience during this period.

In the afternoon, Nicholson completed drilling the planned four minipiles in the westbound lane of Main Street.

The sidewalk on Main Street from Printers Alley to the P.O. was closed to pedestrian traffic and will remain closed until the waterline is relocated next week. To access the Post Office from the north side of Main Street, cross Main Street and walk up past St. Stephen’s to the crosswalk to the Post Office.

Kubricky completed a third and final test pit on Merchants Row in the ongoing effort to precisely define the location of the town’s waterline and sewer force main underneath the roadway.

Safety Alert. I’ve noticed car and truck traffic turning right from North Pleasant Street (at the Congregational Church) onto Main Street speeding through the construction zone on Main Street. For the safety of pedestrians, construction workers, and yourself, please drive slowly through this area.

What’s on Tap Tuesday: Main Street

Nicholson will grout the minipiles in the westbound lane of Main Street in the morning and then shift its drilling work to the eastbound lane (Battell Block side) of Merchants Row.

Relocation of the Main Street waterline will begin with prep work on Tuesday. To accomplish this, Printers Alley will be closed to pedestrians on Tuesday. I should have a final timeline for the planned shut off of water on the north side of Main Street in my Wednesday morning update.

What’s on Tap Tuesday: Merchants Row

The shift of drilling to the narrower roadway of Merchants Row means that only one lane of traffic will be maintained on Merchants Row for the remainder of the week. That one lane will be located on the Village Green side of Merchants Row. Traffic will flow one-way only eastbound. Motorists will not be able to turn down Merchants Row from either Court Square or South Pleasant Street. A good number of parking spaces on Merchants Row will be lost while drilling takes place. Access to the Battell parking lot will remain open.

As planned, ACTR relocated its downtown transit hub today to the west side of South Pleasant Street, roughly 30 yards in from the intersection with Cross Street.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll cover it in my next update.

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