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Temporary Bridges Update #12

Thursday Wrap-Up

Nicholson shifted the drilling operation to the Village Green side of Merchants Row as planned. Merchants Row remains one-way moving up the hill toward Court Square and the travel lane has now been switched to the Battell side of the street. All Merchants Row businesses are open and easily accessible from the sidewalk.

Middlebury’s Champlain Construction completed the first phase of relocating the Main Street waterline. Water was shut off as planned at 2 PM and restored earlier than expected at 4 PM.

Another Parking Suggestion. This may not always be the case, but early Thursday afternoon I parked on Seymour Street across from Fire & Ice. I counted 10 parking spaces open on the Marble Works side of Seymour Street within easy walking distance of the Post Office, Vermont Book Shop, and the rest of downtown.

What’s on Tap Friday: Merchants Row

Merchants Row will be quiet on Friday. Nicholson will be back in Middlebury on Monday to complete its drilling work. They expect to demobilize and leave town by Wednesday.

The current traffic pattern on Merchants Row will remain in place Friday and over the weekend.

What’s on Tap Friday: Main Street

Champlain Construction will continue working in the Main Street construction area on the waterline relocation project. The current traffic pattern will remain in place through the weekend and into next week.

As I mentioned yesterday, Kubricky has had to close off Printers Alley during this phase of work. Right now it isn’t safe for people to be trying to get through the alley. To get to the Post Office from the National Bank side of Main Street, cross Main Street and walk up past St. Stephen’s to the crosswalk to the Post Office.

Final Word on Parking. Parking remains limited in the central downtown area, with a total of about 30 spaces on Main Street and Merchants Row. As a courtesy to others, please limit yourself to 30 minute parking. If you work downtown, please plan to park outside of the central downtown area. On Friday, I will work with Kubricky to restore at least 2 handicapped spaces.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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