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Temporary Bridges Update #13

The Weekly Takeaway: Drilling on Merchants Row wraps up this week. Normal two-way traffic and all parking are restored on Merchants Row by end of the week. Until then, Merchants Row remains one-way moving up the hill toward Court Square. The current two-way traffic pattern remains in place on Main Street. Relocation of the Main Street waterline continues during the week. A second shutoff of the waterline to Main Street buildings takes place either late this week or early next. No change in parking on Main Street. Printers Alley remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians, as does the sidewalk between the National Bank of Middlebury and the Post Office.

Downtown Middlebury is Open for Business: A Main Street merchant let me know that she received a phone call from a customer on Friday asking if her store was open for business during construction. Please spread the word: every business downtown is open. Parking is available on Seymour Street, on College Street, in the Mill Street parking lot, and in other locations around town.

Friday Wrap-Up

No activity on Merchants Row on Friday. Champlain Construction worked around Friday’s rain, installing a steel I-beam across the rail line just north of the Main Street sidewalk and securing a section of the new Main Street waterline in place atop the I-beam.

What’s on Tap Monday: Merchants Row. Nicholson will continue drilling on the Village Green side of Merchants Row. Merchants Row traffic remains one-way eastbound (up the hill). Parking remains the same as last week, about 15 spaces available in the upper stretch of Merchants Row. All Merchants Row businesses are accessible and both sidewalks are open to pedestrians.

What’s on tap Monday: Main Street. Champlain Construction will continue assembling the new Main Street waterline. Two-way traffic remains in place. Printers Alley remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians. To get to the Post Office from the National Bank side of Main Street, cross Main Street and walk up past St. Stephen’s to the crosswalk to the Post Office. Parking is limited to about 10 spaces.

Handicapped Parking. Two handicapped spaces are now available on Main Street: one right in front of the Post Office just before the construction zone, the other in front of the National Bank just before the crosswalk that leads to Triangle Park.

Marble Works Open for Business. You can get into Marble Works via Middle Seymour Street or, on foot or bicycle, via the pedestrian bridge across the Otter Creek. Our friends at Costello’s, Noonie’s , American Flatbread, Round Robin, Marble Works Pharmacy, Stoneleaf Tea, Otter Creek Yoga, Otter Creek Used Books, and all the professional businesses in Marble Works remind you that they are open for business and look forward to serving you.

Peasant Market Intake. On Monday, St. Stephen’s begins its intake of donations for the annual Peasants Market, which will take place this year on Saturday, July 8. Because parking in front of St. Stephen’s is now the eastbound travel lane, we worked with St. Stephen’s to set aside one clearly marked space beyond the crosswalk connecting the Village Green to the Post Office for folks to park and offload their donations to the Peasants Market.

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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