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Temporary Bridges Update #17

Thursday Wrap-Up

There was good news all around today as Kubricky completed the clean-up of the construction area on Merchants Row. Two-way traffic on Merchants Row has been re-established and all parking spaces fully restored. Also, as planned, Trees Incorporated successfully removed five trees from the railroad’s right- of-way on the Village Green side of Merchants Row.

Champlain Construction flushed the chlorine from the new section of the Main Street waterline and took the first of two scheduled water samples for mandated testing.

What’s on Tap Friday: Merchants Row

Happily, work is now complete on Merchants Row relative to this first phase of the Temporary Bridges Construction Project. Merchants Row will now remain open to two-way traffic until late July, when work crews return to begin staging for the demolition of the bridge. Many thanks to Merchants Row business owners, residents and customers for your patience and collaborative spirit during the past few weeks!

One note of caution: portions of the restored road surface on Merchants Row may continue to be a little rough in places. Please slow down and drive gently through this area, for your safety and that of others.

What’s on tap Friday: Main Street

Another quiet day is expected on Main Street as a second water sample from the new waterline is taken and sent off for testing. Time and weather conditions permitting, Champlain Construction may also do some work in preparation for tying the new waterline section into the Town’s water system. The current traffic flow configuration on Main Street, with both travel lanes shifted toward the Village Green, will likely remain in place into late next week.

Final Scheduled Main Street Waterline Shuttoff Remains on Track for Monday

Pending the receipt of positive water test results, Champlain Construction still expects to tie the new section of the Main Street waterline into the existing system on Monday. This will require an all-day shutoff of water on Monday to the following buildings: the Post Office, the National Bank of Middlebury, St. Stephen’s, IPJ Real Estate, the Vermont Bookshop, Main Street Stationery, Sweet Cecily, Danforth, and Wild Mountain Thyme. The water shutoff will likely take place around 9 AM Monday and last the entire day. We’ll be able to provide more precise timing in Monday’s update. The Post Office, St. Stephen’s, and all of these Main Street businesses will be open and look forward to seeing you in town on Monday!

Update: North Pleasant Street Sidewalk Project Delayed

The Middlebury Public Works Department has informed us that the start of the project to reconstruct a section of the sidewalk on the Congregational Church side of North Pleasant Street has been delayed until July 5th. The parking spaces on the west side of North Pleasant Street, between the intersection with Main Street and Methodist Lane, have been reopened and will remain available until the onset of construction.

Final Notice: Foodaroo Happens on Sunday!

The third annual Foodaroo festival takes place in Marble Works this coming Sunday, June 25, from 4 to 8 PM. Printers Alley will remain closed to vehicles and pedestrians this weekend. You can get into Marble Works via Middle Seymour Street or, on foot or bicycle, via the pedestrian bridge across the Otter Creek. You can find out more about Foodaroo at:

Please keep your comments and questions coming. Send me an email at and I’ll try to cover it in my next update.

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